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Professional Site Clearance, Groundworks and Plant hire Contractors based in Edinburgh operating across Scotland. Here at Blaikie Contractors we have a wealth of Experience in undertaking Site clearance, Groundworks projects and Plant Hire. Our aim is to go above our clients expectations in Service and Reliability, offering cost effective solutions for any project we undertake. We would be very happy to discuss your needs and tailor a solution for you. Please view our services below and contact us for a free site inspection.

Site Clearance and Vegetation Managment

Site Clearance and Vegetation Managment:

Here at Blaikie Contractors we have a wealth of experience in providing professional, efficient and safe site clearance services no matter how large or small your site may be. We understand the problems faced in clearing vegetation, trees and scrub by property developers, construction companies and landowners. Undertaking rapid clearance of sites, minimising our client’s project length and cost. Meeting a standard over our client’s expectations is what we strive for. We understand how important it is for our clients to make sure a site is prepared quickly and efficiently, saving the client on time and cost for the entire project.

Blaikie contractors use modern specialist equipment (including tracked chippers from 8” in feed to whole tree chipper capable of processing huge amounts of timber per hour, diggers, robotic flail mulchers, forestry mulchers and tractors) to provide a safe affect workplace that does not put staff at risk and the need for intensive manual labour.

Site Clearance

Vegetation Management

Weed Control

Land Reclamation

River Work

Scrub Clearance

Culvert Clearance



Here at Blaikie Contractors we also undertake an extensive range of Groundworks services. We have the machinery and knowledge to complete any project that our small Domestic or large scale commercial clients require. We also have experience on extremely challenging sites that demand extensive planning and safe work processes. Our services include:

Site/Land Preparation

Enabling Works

Roadside and Culvert Works

Forest Roads

Remediation/Soil stabilisation


Landscaping and Paving




Pond Creation and Cleaning

River Works / Flood defence


Earth Moving

Plant Hire

Plant Hire:

With access to and extensive range of plant vehicles and equipment, here at Blaikie Contractors we are able to supply you with the very best plant hire support for your projects. We supply machines for both domestic or commercial projects, you’ll benefit from reliable plant equipment you can trust to get the job done at prices that are affordable for any budget.

It is our aim to ensure we can make the clients deadline for any plant hire equipment. That’s why, we will go out of our way to deliver at a time that suits you. So, whether you’re in need of an excavator or a dumper, compaction machinery or rollers, Blaikie Contractors will be able to provide the ideal equipment to suit your needs on time, every time.

Excavators 1-8 ton

Dumpers 1-8 ton


Wood chippers 6-8 Inchs

Stump Grinders

Tool Hire

Compaction Equipment

Access Equipment



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