Tree Felling and Removal

When trees are becoming a danger/diseased or die then tree felling and removal is required. Trees can be felled by our professional tree surgeons across Edinburgh, Borders and the Central Belt. Some Trees need to be removed to make way for new buildings/Roadways/Power lines. However, if surrounded by enough clear space, trees can be felled with precision in the direction required. Sometimes, in Urban environments with less space, the tree will require sectional branch dismantling using professional and safe lowering techniques to remove the tree.

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Cutting trees down in urban environments normally requires climbing them. We can then remove them in sections to safely dismantle them. When down to the tree stump, we can then focus on safely removing it too.

Dangerous Tree Removal and Tree Safety Works

Tree Removal Edinburgh

Whether trees fall naturally or are felled, tree removal is often the biggest issue.  Most people don’t have a large enough vehicle or the appropriate tools to do the job.  Having tree felling and tree removal carried out by a team of experienced tree surgeons is the sensible solution.  Our professional team use the latest, specialist machinery and climbing equipment to carry out any tree felling job competently and safely.  We can dismantle any size or species of tree and will ensure that your site is left clear and safe. For tree removal in Edinburgh and the surrounding area don’t hesitate to contact us.

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