Tree Surgery Services Edinburgh

Blaikie Tree Services provides a complete range of tree surgery services for both domestic and commercial clients, including: formative pruning, reshaping, thinning, removal of dead and damaged branches, cable bracing and repair of storm damaged trees.
All trees that we remove or surgery work is carried out can easily be removed from site and recycled, or leave it for use as mulch or logs

All work is carried out to BS 3998 (British Standard 3998: Recommendations for tree work) with a fair quotation.


Tree Surgery Services Edinburgh

Green Waste Recycled

Tree surgery and general landscape maintenance generates a large amount of green waste. Our green waste is recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner such as:

Processing of timber into: firewood, carvings, fence posts and other building materials

Wood chips go to powering biomass heating systems

Composting to supply to local businesses

Environmental Care and Protection

In an aim to reduce our impact on the environment Blaikie Tree services ensure that:

Chainsaws run on oil capable of biodegrade

All non-green waste is recycled in line environmental policy

All waste oil and toxic fluids are processed by licensed waste businesses

Responsibility Towards Wildlife

We also aim to take responsibility to protect all wildlife. In accordance with guidelines set by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We carry out habitat assessment on every tree requiring works and its surrounding vegetation prior to any tree works being carried out. The assessment makes sure no disturbance will occur as a result of tree work and we can also give expert advise on wildlife habitats and the best action to take.

Protect Wildlife
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